INNOVATION - Ramallah-based startup RedCrow Intelligence analyses security threats for businesses

  • Posted on: 24 July 2016


Launched in September 2014, this big data-crunching risk analysis company provides detailed reports drawing on raw data from open-source information, human intelligence sources and social networks.

Initially, RedCrow Intelligence received 18 000 euros in seed funding from Fast Forward, a seed accelerator for tech nonprofits in Ramallah. RedCrow Intelligence's web-based system monitors information from think tanks, mass media, and blogs and measures it according to each source’s credibility. Daily reports include graphs that categorise specific incidents such as search-and-arrest military operations, clashes, attacks or injuries, while monthly and weekly reports provide a broader geopolitical context.

RedCrow Intelligence’s current clients are primarily international NGOs, governmental organisations, foreign delegations, and some private sector businesses and individuals. A comprehensive mobile app should be launch by the end of 2015 : it will link alerts to a local map, allowing users to monitor the security level in their area and pinpoint the location of specific threats as they happen.